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Priscilla Solano Castillo
Priscilla Solano Castillo
Lawyer and Notary Public
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Priscilla Solano Castillo

Lawyer and Notary Public

Founded partner PSC ATTORNEYS in 2007.

Certified Negotiator from HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Boston, USA, with studies in Human Rights at GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, Washington, DC, USA. I have over 20 years of experience in real estate, commercial, condominium, and business law and investment. My expertise lies in development issues in Guanacaste and its unique characteristics. Additionally, I specialize in water-related matters.

I have played a significant role in Guanacaste’s water campaigns and co-created working groups with the Government of Costa Rica for the region’s development from 2014 to 2018. I served as an Advisor to the Government for the Development of Guanacaste from 2018 to 2021 and held the position of President of the Guanacaste Tourism Chamber, CATURGUA, in 2021, where I have been a member of the Board of Directors for over 7 years.

I am also a representative to High-Level Councils of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Costa Rica and a member of UCCAEP (UNION OF BUSINESS CHAMBERS OF CR). Furthermore, I am an Executive Coach at INCAE Business School, specializing in High-Performance Team Coaching based in MADRID, Spain.

I hold a graduate degree in Public Health from the University of Costa Rica, and I am an international speaker and consultant for the United Nations.

  • Doctora en Derecho, Escuela Libre de Derecho, Costa Rica (ene 1999 – dic 2001)
  • Licenciada en Derecho y Notaria Pública, UNIVERSIDAD DE COSTA RICA, Costa Rica (feb 1992 – nov 1998)
  • Maestría en Salud Pública, UCR, Costa Rica (feb 2005 – nov 2006)
  • Negociación, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, USA (jun 2011 – oct 2011)
  • Coach Ejecutiva, INCAE, Costa Rica (ene 2014 – dic 2015)
  • Coach de Equipos Belbin, BELBIN, España (mar 2020 – sep 2020)
  • Habilidades para la vida, EDEX, España (jun 2020 – dic 2020)
  • Directora Proyecto por Talento, BID-LAB y Fundación ONCE, Costa Rica (2021 – presente)
  • Presidenta, Fundación SHE IS, Costa Rica (2018 – presente)
  • Vicepresidenta Global, Fundación SHE IS Internacional (2021 – presente)
  • Consultora del PNUD, Naciones Unidas, México (2020 – 2021)
  • Capacitadora y Negociadora en Temas de Empleabilidad de Personas con Discapacidad, Banco Banreservas, República Dominicana (2003 – presente)
  • Consultora de Naciones Unidas (2004 – presente)
  • Conferencista Internacional (2015 – presente)