SC Attorneys offers a comprehensive legal service for its clients needs, including:

  • Wedding Ceremonies: You can offer legal services related to the organization and legality of the ceremony itself. This could include drafting prenuptial contracts, advising on marriage laws in your jurisdiction, and drafting legal wedding vows.
  • Wedding Vows: Help couples write personalized wedding vows and, if necessary, ensure they meet the legal requirements of your jurisdiction.
  • Symbolic Ceremonies: Provide guidance on symbolic ceremonies that have no legal value, but are important to the couple, such as rituals or religious ceremonies.
  • Marriage Registration in the Civil Registry: Help couples complete and submit the necessary documents to register their marriage in the civil registry. This includes advice on legal requirements and the submission of appropriate documentation.
  • Marriage Certification Official Translation: Provide official marriage certificate translation services for couples getting married in a country where a language different from that of their country of origin is spoken.
  • International Shipping of Official Documents: Help couples manage the safe and legal shipping of their marriage documents internationally, if they are married in one country and wish to register their marriage in another.


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